HaMuch is an online marketplace for homeowners and tradespeople to meet and discuss potential work.

Client: HaMuch

Launch: February 2020

Project Scope:


Website app



HaMuch is a start-up company with links to the heating, plumbing and electrical trades who wanted to move away from email marketing to capture a share of the online marketplace for homeowners and tradespeople.

Their direct competitors are established internet companies such as checkatrade.co.uk, mybuilder.com and ratedpeople.com. Their aim was to become established as a tool for homeowners to search for tradespeople in their area based on tradespeoples prices and get a quote from available members who have paid subscriptions.

The challenges

To get tradespeople to become members and supply their rates for different trades. To get internet traffic so that homeowners can find tradespeople on the website. To get the tradespeople to subscribe for paid membership.

The solution

By defining two users, the homeowners and the tradespeople, we were able to complete some user research to determine needs and requirements. With the trade connections already established we embarked on a SMS campaign to get trades to register through a bespoke web app and used the data to create useful regional information about tradespeoples rates that we could present on the website for homeowners.

The Results

The company website traffic went from 0 to 2000 daily homeowners within two years. The enquiries generated by the homeowners attracted more tradespeople and now they have over 1000 paid subscriptions every month and that figure is growing.

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