Client: Powerflush

Launch: November 2019

Project Scope:


Administration UI


Powerflush is an established plumbing company in the south of England  who only do power flushing of central heating systems. They remove all the gunk and rust from the radiators that builds up over time and makes the radiators inefficient without removing the radiators.

They have engineers around the country who work as franchisees and they provide them with work through a centralised system. They get work through website traffic and plumbers who do not powerflush.

The company’s centralised administration system which was an adapted CRM was old and cumbersome. It was very slow to do searches and needed upgrading. The website that helped to feed the database with new clients was not linked so it needed to be integrated and also upgraded.

The Challenges:

To create a new bespoke CRM for the company administration that helped process the job from customer enquiry through to assigning an engineer and job completion. To create a new website for Powerflush that achieved a good ranking and focused the user on getting a quotation.

The Solution:

The three users; administration, the customer and the engineer required a system that achieved their needs and specific behaviours. For the customer we created an automatic quote form which calculated the price based on how many radiators they had followed by a booking form if they would like to proceed. This was connected to the new CRM which notified the user of a new job. The administration could also provide a quote and book a job over the phone directly using the CRM. The job would then be assigned to the engineer.

The Results

Powerflush is a s

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